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Working with GSP

At Good Soil Press, we are all about helping new and existing authors get their original works in front of the right audience. Getting your book published shouldn't be cost prohibitive. It also shouldn't be complicated. Our boutique publishing company offers a one-stop shop for authors to get from manuscript to market.

With in-house graphic designers, Good Soil Press can create and deliver on cover designs that are both inline with your brand and amplify your book's voice. Everything from choosing the right print size and formats to creative design that helps tell your story, we've got you covered.

Often overlooked, the font choices and interior layout design plays a major role in your published work. Our designers will help create a layout and interior design that fits perfectly with your story, enhancing the delivery and impact.

No need to hire an outside editor when you work with Good Soil Press. Our editing team works closely with you to insure accuracy, proper citations when required, and most importantly author's voice.

Publishing and distribution can be overwhelming for new authors. At Good Soil Press, we will assign ISBNs and work with you to create a publishing and distribution plan that is inline with your goals. From Kindle eReaders and Amazon to the shelves of Barnes & Noble, our distribution partner covers it all.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine the best hybrid approach of both self-publishing and working with a publisher. Without all of the overhead a large publishing house carries, our team can handle the creative design aspects along with manuscript editing internally. Once published, our distribution partner includes all of the major channels, insuring your book is available to its audience. In addition, Good Soil Press will create a landing page for your published work. This will provide you, the author, the opportunity to sell directly without sacrificing margins demanded by other distribution methods. GSP also handles all sales taxes for the transactions on this site.

It doesn’t need to be more expensive. Good Soil Press has a wide range of services and packages offered when working with new authors. In most cases, you will find that there is very little difference between the cost of publishing with GSP and self-publishing. If you plan to outsource creative design and hire an editor to review your manuscript, chances are you will find us very competitive.

At Good Soil Press, we don’t want finances to be the obstacle. Our goal is to help Christ-centered authors that align with our values get their works published. Because of this, GSP has developed a wide range of options for working with authors. From fixed fee ala carte services and pay-as-you-go solutions to all-in-one packages, GSP will work with you and your budget to determine the right path forward. If there are limited finances available up-front, we can also discuss financing options that include back-end, limited shared percentage per unit options.

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